Bridgemaker Tech

Our dedicated product and development unit based in Berlin and Poland. We believe in a strong product and tech organization and have set up our own hub - Bridgemaker Tech. A unique combination of product, design and technology skills deliver fast execution.

Bridgemaker Tech

Web & mobile applications / agile / versatile
Starting a tech project with us means you are always getting the latest technologies and IT-standards. In the development of web and mobile solutions we take our time finding the strategy best suited for your particular product. Using agile methodologies and cloud services we help you create flexible and sustainable solutions while always keeping an open eye for new breakthrough technologies.
Visual Design and UX
UI / brand identity / prototypes / customer journeys
You might have the best product in the market, but if you do not provide a smooth user experience you squander a great deal of potential. We support companies with the creation of exciting user journeys and personas, beautiful UI and efficient user tests. We also provide a consistent visual strategy and brand identity, always in line with the latest design trends.
Data Analytics
Data mining / big data / statistical analysis / data visualization
With great data come great possibilities. At Bridgemaker Tech, we help companies organize, understand and visualize their data. We provide the right architecture to make data useful and accessible in the long term. And we get it, your data is sacred. For this reason, we do everything to ensure its integrity and protect it from theft and unauthorized access.
Artificial Intelligence
Machine & deep learning / pattern recognition
Bridgemaker Tech enables companies to expand their business horizon by making use of the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. Our tech experts will help identify the right spots in a company to implement artificial intelligence and capitalize on the potential of automation, detection, recognition and generation.
Integrated Solutions
Process automation / Iot / chatbots / Industry 4.0
In a world in which everything is connected, Bridgemaker Tech can help you benefit from the latest integrated solutions, be it the power of neural networks or the connection of company devices in the era of IoT (Internet of Things). Together, we push business automation and simplify corporate communication with intelligent tools and chatbots.


Our team consists of highly skilled developers, creative designers and experienced product managers who have completed many successful projects for clients from various industries. No matter if you already have a specific idea in mind or you want to get creative with us, we are ready to provide our resources to push your concept closer to a successful realization.
Tech, Design & Product
Support in
Company Building
We rely on the latest technologies and insights on trends and innovation. We bring our cutting edge tech, design and product experience to your company and know how to adapt it in order to work reliably for your business.
Quality Pledge
We produce software that fits its purpose with the needed robustness and maintainability.
The Perfect Team
We offer all relevant skills from development, product management to UX/UI and design. You get it all in one.
In-depth Expertise
We know how and when to apply new technologies and recommend them where we see fit.
Maximum Agility
We provide you with reliable estimates and control over time and cost of your project.
The Extra Mile
Your passion is our passion. We are thriving for the best and go the extra mile to achieve it.
Process Perfection
We guide you through the process and together with you create the best mode of cooperation.

Let's bring your ideas to life and shape the future of a digital world!