The New
Normal Ideation

The time is about results and support! This has led Bridgemaker to implement the New Normal Ideation as a preliminary standard product into our portfolio. In just four to five weeks' time we produce actionable ideas on how to deal with the mid- and long-term impact of Corona in your industry.
The New Normal Ideation with Bridgemaker
Healthy companies are investing today to create new normal business opportunities.
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The birth of Bridgemakers New Normal Ideation.
Together we decided to condense the usual eight-week ideation in a five-week approach, divided into five separate steps:
Desktop research and expert interviews to identify the biggest industry-specific mid- and long-term challenges and most affected customer groups.
Customer interviews to identify the most urgent mid- and long-term problems they fear.
Joint Ideation development to generate solutions answering these problems.
Problem selection to identify top ideas with the highest market potential and best fit to our partner.
Creation of short pitches to select one idea for implementation.
The success of any ideation is based on a combination
of three factors.
A structured approach to identify the biggest customer pain points.
Creative out-of-the-box mindset when creating a solution approaches.
Early-on management buy-in with a clear perspective on implementation possibilities.

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