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Henrike Luszick Shares How Bridgemaker Develops Tech Ideas

Welcome to the #StartupShow episode №97!

While exploring the Berlin startup ecosystem, we’ve made several videos in our today’s guest’s offices. Finally, we turned the tables and hosted them instead! In our #StartupShow interview, we are thrilled to present Henrike Luszick, CEO & Co-Founder of Bridgemaker.

Henrike Luszick has a very exciting professional background, as an entrepreneur and a corporate employee. During her engagement at ‘goetzpartners consultant’ Company in Munich, she got to know the corporate business better, and later on she learned a lot about the key success factors as an investor. In order to bring corporates and startups to the innovation table together, she founded her own company builder, BridgeMaker, a year ago.

The team behind BridgeMaker develops innovations within corporates by bringing together the corporate expertise with the startup dynamics, they develop advanced tech ideas and create a win-win situation for both sides.