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EnBW and Bridgemaker sell start-up “Twist Mobility” to GreenMobility

Berlin, 22 June 2021 - EnBW and the company builder Bridgemaker have sold their joint start-up Twist Mobility to the Danish e-car sharing provider GreenMobility. EnBW remains the exclusive sales partner through its subsidiary Netze BW. 

The Danish e-car sharing provider GreenMobility is taking over the joint start-up Twist from EnBW and Bridgemaker with immediate effect. The Copenhagen-based company will then be active on the German market for the first time. EnBW remains the exclusive sales partner through its subsidiary, the distribution grid operator Netze BW. The partners will thus continue to boost green mobility solutions in rural areas in Baden-Württemberg. “The cooperation between EnBW and GreenMobility sees the German market leader in electric mobility infrastructure teaming up with the northern European market leader in e-car sharing,” says Henrike Luszick, CEO of the company builder Bridgemaker. “We are fortunate that Twist Mobility's attractive and sustainable business model will be backed by these major players and scaled up in the future by GreenMobility which serves as a proof point of the Bridgemaker business model.”

Electric mobility in rural regions
Twist Mobility's focus is on rural areas. The start-up has provided electric car and scooter sharing services for smaller towns and communities since the beginning of 2020. This increases the attractiveness of communities where public transport is not particularly well developed – with success, as shown by the pilot project in Ehingen: Over the past year, locals and visitors have been able to rent electric cars and scooter from Twist Mobility here. And they have been doing precisely this in large numbers. The service in the town situated southwest of Ulm has been used more than 500 times with journeys totaling almost 20,000 km. “The response has been thoroughly positive. We have also received pleasing feedback about how easy it is to use the vehicles and the corresponding app,” says Daniel Leuze, climate protection manager for the town of Ehingen. Twist Mobility is responsible for authenticating the users, issuing bills, and providing, maintaining, cleaning and repairing the vehicles. 

“With the total solution provided by Twist, small communities can also be part of the mobility transition and remain attractive to the residents in the future – all on the basis of a sustainable business model. We are demonstrating that e-mobility solutions can also be operated economically and sustainably in rural regions,” says Jürgen Stein, Chief Innovation Officer at EnBW.

Experienced partner with zero emissions concept GreenMobility has been committed to a zero emissions concept and individual mobility solutions in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Belgium since 2016. The Danish e-car sharing provider sees considerable potential in expanding its services to Baden-Württemberg and possibly beyond. “We are proud to be able to improve electric mobility in rural areas as well from now on. We ourselves solely use electric vehicles and see synergies in this cooperation, because EnBW is one of the drivers of innovation in the field of charging infrastructure in Germany,” says GreenMobility CEO Thomas Heltborg Juul. 

About GreenMobility
GreenMobility offers modern urbanites easy, flexible and sustainable transport in the form of electric, shared city cars. Users have access to these cars via the GreenMobility app. Trips are paid per minute, through minute packages, or on a daily basis. Today, GreenMobility operates a total of 950 EVs in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Malmö, Gothenburg, Antwerp, Gent, Brussels and Helsinki. More than 120,000 people are registered as customers at GreenMobility. Driven by global megatrends, GreenMobility sees a rapidly growing market for carsharing in large cities that demand green transport for their citizens and aim to reduce the number of private cars. GreenMobility’s ambition is to be among the leading global operators of green shared mobility solutions. GreenMobility is publicly listed for trading on the Nasdaq Main Market Copenhagen in Denmark.

About Bridgemaker
Bridgemaker is Europe's leading independent corporate company builder. With a team of experienced entrepreneurs and innovators, Bridgemaker enables companies and hidden champions to discover their competitive advantages by creating innovative start-ups outside the narrow confines of their operational business. At the heart of its success is the partnership between the team and the experts in the corporate sector. Bridgemaker was founded in 2016 by Henrike Luszick and since then has built up more than fifteen successful ventures.

About EnBW Innovation
EnBW Innovation has been an integral part of EnBW’s corporate strategy since mid-2014 and has positioned itself at the top of the German corporate innovation landscape. In partnership with committed company founders, investors and employees, we develop commercially successful business models in energy-related markets and beyond. With Incubation, Company Builder and EnBW New Ventures, we are active in all innovation phases and serve as a competent and financially strong partner to help young company founders and mature start-ups to make progress.  


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