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Bridgemaker is the leading, independent company builder in Germany.
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Bridgemaker - The Corporate Venture Builder

With our partners,
we build sustainable companies that will become the leaders of tomorrow.

A holistic,
systematic approach

From a fully fledged innovation concept to scaling a venture - Our execution-driven team unlocks value by combining a diversified toolset with in-depth analysis.
Framing an idea starts with an introspection of the current corporate strategy and its opportunities. From there on, we start building the innovation process and tactics leading to successful concepts.
During our brainstorming and ideation sessions we carefully examine potential business models. We select the most promising models that can complement existing business or attract new markets.
Getting ideas off the ground requires careful preparation. We have our own experts waiting in the wings to work with you and have a carefully crafted playbook for the initial setup. With this, it's a matter of weeks to found a company.
We leverage disruptive business models by combining the strengths of both start-up culture and corporate resources. We love to see our ventures taking off and also share the entrepreneurial risk with our partners by investing in our ventures.
We give our ventures freedom but support them wherever we can. It takes long-term planning in order to build a sustainable business and we dedicate our resources and reliable experience to it.

From ideas to
successful ventures

Discover how we turn concepts into disruptive, well-funded and profitable companies by exploring the stories behind our collaborations.

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