Venture Creation

We are your one-stop solution for building new ventures

Founder Recruiting

Getting the right people for a new startup can be hard. Various important positions must be filled with professional and motivated candidates and the team chemistry should fit, as well. Thus, it is often hard to access a suitable talent pool. We are well-connected in the startup scene and have lots of relationships towards renowned universities. Moreover, we are experienced in finding the right candidate out of the mass.
Evaluation of necessary job functions & roles
Screening and recruiting of suitable candidates
Huge talent pool with candidates from renowned universities and outstanding work experience

Launch to Market

Founding a startup and launching the first product or service is exciting. But this normally requires the setup of necessary infrastructures, legal contracts and dealing with high uncertainty. There are a countless details that can lead to success or failure. We are your partner to support you with suitable tools, develop a MVP for your launch and give advice on important founding aspects.
Providing office infrastructure for startups
Support with legal setup of business entity
MVP development for first customers
Development of a market launch strategy

Company Growth

During the lifespan of a startup, there will be good and probably more challenging stages. We are familiar with the different situations a young company must face. There are always challenges to be solved and sometimes it gets easier if a strong and experienced player is at your side. We can support the startup during difficult phases and give advice, as well as help through our huge network of partners.
Providing a broad network for scaling operations and sales
Hands-on support during growth phase
Evaluation of strategic partnerships and synergies

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