Strategic Advisory

Leveraging our network and experience as a mentor

Equity Fundraising & Transactions

Fundraising is fundamentally about working with trusted parties. We have long lasting relationships with Business Angels and VCs. Together with our partners we also have the direct link to all corporate M&A offices and investment vehicles. Approach us to discuss a possible fundraising or transaction.
Deep network of Business Angels and VCs
Experience in structured fundraising and equity strategy
Partnerships with corporate funds and M&A

Business Development & Partnerships

Especially in today’s digital economy partnerships are essential for long-standing success. Our outstanding network into the B2B world can help you to accelerate your business and unlock new growth opportunities.
Evaluation of potential synergies and collaboration benefits
Establishing suitable partnerships from our broad network
Proven business development frameworks

Tech Strategy & Product Management

Developing your startup’s tech products belongs to the core drivers of future growth. However even Google had to rebuild the search engine from scratch multiple times. In case you are thinking about a product relaunch or modernization of your tech stack we are here to help.
Strong software development and product management experience
In-house development studio to rapidly get things done
Network of full-stack developers with all relevant skills and know-how

Recruiting Talented Employees

Start-ups typically have neither the brand not the reach to compete in the war for talent. At some point the personal network of founders and stakeholders is exploited and other methods need to be used to onboard talent. BRIDGEMAKER has access to a huge talent pool - from engineers and software developers to business developers and accountants. Together with our network we can easily help you to solve this barrier to success.
Evaluation of relevant personnel needs
Huge talent pool with connection to renowned universities
Experienced screening and recruiting processes

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