Innovation Services

New business ideas from experienced entrepreneurs

Cluster Analysis & Idea Generation

Coming up with a brand-new idea might seem difficult sometimes. Especially when working in an organization for a longer time, an outside perspective to discover new business potentials is often missing. We can provide you with the toolset to break out of the boundaries of innovation and support you as an unbiased partner.
Proficiency in agile collaboration toolsets & methodologies, e.g. Scrum or Design Thinking
Broad range of motivated staff from diverse backgrounds and specific industry knowledge
Experienced entrepreneurs with an eye for business ideas

Idea Check

Not every idea on the scratch, which looks good on the first view, is actually feasible, as markets are often different from expectations. In our experience, a lot of business ideas can be challenged and potentially thereafter modified in order to prevent failure.
Ideation workshops with hands-on entrepreneurs
State-of-the-art evaluation frameworks & tools
Huge market knowledge and connection to specific industry experts

Concept & Prototyping

Bringing new products to market is about customer centric thinking and early prototype interaction. Yet at the same time a rock-solid business case and an underlying strategy is crucial. BRIDGEMAKER excels at finding the sweet spot of customer pain and hitting market need.
Experienced full-stack entrepreneurs with the full view on customer, product and market
In-house software and hardware development of early prototypes
Frameworks like Design Thinking, Scrum, or Kanban

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